The easiest way to build a mirror frame

antique hammered copper mirrorIf you have a mirror and it either needs a frame or needs a new frame you can build one cheaper than it may cost to buy one. You will need some tools but it doesn’t take very much skill to properly build a frame for your mirror. You will need a saw, preferably a miter saw but a standard hand saw will be sufficient. You will also need wood glue, a hammer and small framing nails.The first step would be to making the base which will but the main support holding your mirror. Depending on the size of your mirror you may need different size wood to build your support. To build a 24 inch by 24 inch mirror I would use a ½-1 inch by 2-3 inch piece of wood. After you measure and cut the pieces of wood for your support you should lay it out how it will be constructed.

Lay your mirror on top of the wood. Your mirror should lay about halfway into the support. Trace the mirror and now you know where to cut your grooves. You need to cut into the wood about as thick as the glass that way it can easily sit into your support. All four sides should have the same size groove and now you can put them together using framing nails and wood glue.Now that you have your support made you can buy some modeling at your local hardware store. This will be placed on top of your mirror and frame to give it a finished look. You can buy stain and stain your modeling and support if you do not like the normal wood color. If you decide to stain it, be sure to buy a clear coat to finish the stain job.

When cutting and measuring your modeling you need to cut at 45 degree angles, which is why a miter saw it preferred but it is possible with a hand saw. Now that your pieces of modeling are cut and stained, you can assemble them. Use wood glue to connect them and use masking tape to hold them together while the glue dries. Now that your modeling is assembled and glue you can lay it on top of your support and mirror. Once you confirm the sizes are matching up you can glue the model to the support. Use masking tape to hold it until the glue dries. You should also take framing nails from behind the support and hammer them through the support wood into the modeling. Once you are done with the nailing and the glue has dried you just need to frame wiring to run in the back of your frame and it is ready to hang on your wall.

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