How To Hang Properly Venetian Mirrors?, most wall mirrors are light weight and are easy to hang. How ever Venetian mirrors has a lot of weight making the decorative mirror a little difficult to hang. In a case where you don’t find your self handy, it might be worth hiring a professional handy man or carpenter to install properly your Venetian mirrors.If you are sure and confident enough that you have good handy skills, here are some tips how you can properly hang Venetian mirrors so it will be the best decorative mirror of your choice from all your wall mirrors.Most Venetian mirrors are already supplied with hanging wires and screws making it a little easier for hanging. But you will still need a hammer, hand drill or screw driver and some other tools to hang the decorative mirror properly. It is strongly recommended to have some one helping you while hanging the decorative mirror.

First you have to find the proper place that is ideal for wall mirrors. Adjust the height of the Wall mirrors so it that the center of the decorative mirror is at the eye level. The proper place should seem so, that when a person standing a few feet away from the Venetian mirrors should see their face and shoulders when facing against the Venetian mirrors.After locating the proper height you should hold the decorative mirror against the wall where you would want it to mount, and draw a line (with a pencil) on the wall, around all sides of the wall mirrors. Then mark the centers of the top and bottom lines. Draw a line from the top center mark down to bottom center making the two centers marks joint. Measure the distance between the center line that you just drew and the right side of the mirror. Draw another vertical line half way between these two lines. Repeat the process on the left side. Make a mark one-third of the way down the lines that you just marked.

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