How to Clean a Handmade Saltillo Mexican Tile Floor

Just as all the other Mexican products, Saltillo Mexican tiles too are produced in an environment-friendly way. All of them are handmade and some are even dried naturally to the sun. But mostly Saltillo tiles are fired at relatively low temperatures to get the natural finish and customary red, orange or cream colors. No any machines are used for the production and therefore, no two tiles are equal. Even then, their texture, finish and the appearance remain great and perfect just like machine-made ones. But, mind you! Never buy unsealed tiles since they could be easily ruined, if they get in contact with water. The sealer prevents the tile from absorbing water and helps it to last a longer period of time than unsealed tiles do.

How to Clean a Saltillo Tiled Floor

Well, it’s not that hard. However, you must take good care of the Saltillo Mexican tile floors as they’re liable to pollute soon. Maybe due to the natural finish of Saltillo tiles, they absorb dirt quickly. But the maintenance is quite easy and you need not spend much money or time to clean a floor studded with Saltillo Mexican tiles. Just half an hour of cleaning would wipe away all the dirt without a big fuss. This short article will show you how well you can do the cleaning and maintenance with ease on your own.

Sweep away all the debris, dirt and dust completely. You may use a kind of mild soap suitable for Saltillo tiles. Soak the mop in the solution of soap and water and rub the floor well until all the dirt or stubborn stains are removed. Then, allow the floor to dry. If you do this regularly, you’ll be able to preserve the good looks of the floor without taking much pains.

Never Use Harsh Chemicals for Cleaning

Well, this is sheer common sense! But mind you not to use any harmful chemicals to clean since they will ruin the sealer and the tile will be prone to damage soon. So, in order to preserve the life span of handmade clay floor tile you must consider that too.

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