5 tips to maximize your bedroom square footage, by choosing the right type of furniture.

We all wish for a little more square footage in our bedrooms. Space, especially in the city is becoming scarce. More and more we find ourselves in trying to maximize our square footage and especially in our bedroom. When we get home and it’s time to unwind we don’t want to open the door and jump over the bed to get to our closet. You can follow these 5 tips that will help you maximize your square footage in your bedroom.

Mirror in the wall

Mirror on the wall. This is a great way to make your bedroom or any space feel larger. If a mirror is placed in a perpendicular wall to an existing window this will:

  • Create an illusion of a second window.
  • Let more light into the room.
  • Will create a sense of depth.
  • If a full size mirror is used this takes away the need for a dresser mirror.

Go vertical. When space is limited the best way is to go up, this will help keep your storage needs vertical and it will eliminate some furniture pieces.

  • Narrow chest of drawers can take the place of a night stand on the side of the bed. Ideal size 26” x17”
  • Use a chest of drawer instead of a dresser this will help save even more space.

Go Horizontal. This is not a contradiction but rather a clever way to solve even more storage problems. When you choose a bed frame with drawers you will:

Bed with drawer

Different purpose. There are many pieces of furniture that can be used for other than its intended purpose. A great piece of furniture that can be re-purposed is a book case. Normally if you have a long closet you may run out of clothes to hang then you can use a book case and fold your close in there this way it will become more visible.

Color. If you have a small room always go with light colors since darker bold colors will tend to make a room feel smaller, light colors will retract away and give more of an airy feeling. You can get a light color bed frame and accent it with dark night stands to create a contrast.

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